Reverbeo Integrates with KantanMT

Reverbeo is delighted to announce it’s collaboration this week with KantanMT.com, a cloud-based implementation of Moses statistical Machine Translation technology. Leveraging the power and flexibility of the cloud, KantanMT effortlessly scales to generate a high-quality, low-cost Machine Translation solution.

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How To Word Count a Website

How to Get a Website Word Count

Websites and web apps can be complicated beasts and it is often difficult to get a true word count. There are application frameworks, external string files, inline templates, third party plugins and all sorts of other technical mumbo jumbo that a busy translator can’t afford to care about.

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Business Plus

Localize Your Website With Reverbeo

Business Plus, Ireland’s largest circulation monthly business magazine, printed an article about Reverbeo in their September 2013 issue – “Localize Your Website With Reverbeo”.

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How to Provide Global Customer Support

How to Provide Multilingual Customer Support

Awesome! Your new multilingual site is starting to bring new traffic and customers. But what happens when no one on your team speaks Portuguese or German. Here’s a quick introduction to customer and technical support for multilingual websites.

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Startup Chile

Reverbeo Open For Business in Latin America

Founders Robert O’Shaughnessy and Brian Finnerty have successfully completed the move to Chile to participate in the prestigious global accelerator, Startup Chile. This is a winning opportunity for Reverbeo to break into one of Latin America´s fastest growing economies.This paired with the exposure to over 100 start up companies, also partaking in Startup Chile from all over the world, will make this a very busy period for the two Irish business men abroad.

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Picture of a hotel booking engine in Chinese with a question mark overlaying the image

Increase Hotel Website Bookings with Translation

For potential guests, booking accommodation abroad causes uncertainty. The task of locating the perfect hotel becomes even more difficult when trying to navigate and understand a language you are not familiar with.

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