Create Opportunities

Translation Proxies are a powerful tool for quickly and affordably delivering multilingual sites for your clients with little or no developer involvement and compatible with every Content Management System.

Partnering with Reverbeo means you can now offer this service to your clients. You control the client relationship and translation we sit in the background providing the technology.

Content Extraction and Site Duplication

Reverbeo extracts all the source content including images, text, meta tags and javascript. We then create a live mirror of the site which can handle dynamic data, forms, and database requests by intercepting responses via our translation proxy.

In Browser, In Context or Via Your CAT Tool

Translators or reviewers can work on a copy of the site, translating each sentence within the browser so that everything is in context and longer translations don't break the layout. You can also download content to any CAT tool you choose via XLIFF

Global Delivery and Updated Content

With a simple 5 minute DNS change Reverbeo delivers a multilingual mirror of the source site.

Use our custom language switcher widget to direct users to the relevant site:, etc.

Reverbeo checks the source site for new content, constantly flagging it for new translation so you can attend to your clients right away.